DWCA Publications present The Adventures of Eleanor Chaplette – Trash Island

Out now from DWCA Publications is the first novel in the new book series following Eleanor Chaplette, the Eleventh Doctor’s companion from the pages of Data Extract. Eleanor’s adventures continue in an all new novel by Dom Kelly. This follows Zerinza Volume 4, which collected all the Eleanor stories from Data Extract. If you are interested in getting a print copy of these or any other DWCA Publications, you can purchase them at any time through the club’s online store here. So what is Trash Island all about…? Eleanor Chaplette: survivor of the massacre of the Paris Commune, 1871. With… Continue reading

Data Extract #259 out now!

The latest issue of Data Extract has been sent out to all subscribers. Containing all the latest news about the new series, it also features an interview with Who author Kate Orman and articles on the recently featured characters, the Celestial Toymaker and Beep the Meep. Plus, news from the club’s local group activities across Australia, the latest news on events from Sirens of Audio, the results of the DWCA 60th anniversary poll, a junkyard feature on Ncuti’s wardrobe, a countdown of the funniest characters in the Whoniverse and a new fiction story featuring the Fourth Doctor, in celebration of… Continue reading

DWCA Day Event Guest

The DWCA Day Event on Sunday 7 May at Burwood will feature special guest Jonathan Blum! After starting his writing career by scripting (and starring in) Docto Who fan productions like Time Rift, Jon Blum has gone on to co-author such beloved Doctor Who books as Vampire Science (BBC Books, 1997), Seeing I (BBC Books, 1998) and Unnatural History (BBC Books, 1999), and the novella Fallen Gods (Telos Publishing, 2003 – which won the Aurealis Award for Best Australian Science Fiction Novel), all co-written with his wife Kate Orman. He also provided various story and scene inputs into Orman’s solo… Continue reading

Sophie Aldred in Australia

It’s been a while since Sophie Aldred has been to Australia, but she’s relishing her trip in her “year of travel” which has already seen her head to the US earlier this year, with other trips planned later in the year. With her iconic Classic Who character making her return to the show for Jodie Whittaker swan song, it’s the perfect time for her to come and visit fans around the Whoniverse – new stories to tell and a new generation of fans to meet. “It was a thrill, it really was, and it was also lovely to be back… Continue reading

Review: Sirens of Audio present Janet Fielding 2023

For those unaware, the Sirens of Audio is a podcast focused on the huge amount of audio dramas that have expanded the universe of Doctor Who during the 21st century. Although unaffiliated with the Doctor Who Club of Australia, it is run by two former members of its executive committee who have been able to leverage that time at the coal face to build a rapport with the stars of the series, whom the cornucopia of audio dramas continue to bring into our lives. I wax nostalgic because their initial event, featuring Australia’s own Janet Fielding — aka Tegan Jovanka,… Continue reading

Events Events Events

It’s 2023 and fans worldwide are all set to celebrate 60 years of Doctor Who all year long! Here in Australia there are plenty of ways to get together with fellow fans and mark the 60th anniversary year. Here are a list of upcoming events that you may want to attend! ? ACT   ? NSW   ? NT   ? QLD   ? SA   ? TAS   ? VIC   ? WA 1 April 2023 – Sirens of Audio present Janet Fielding Down Under , Sydney 15 April 2023 – Sirens of Audio present Janet Fielding Down Under hosted… Continue reading

Data Extract 255

It’s here! Data Extract issue 255 was sent out to members at the end of March. Go behind the scenes on a cosplay photoshoot, visit the UK’s Worlds of Wonder exhibition, plus a timeline of Doctor Who in Australia in the 1990s, counting down the Thirteenth Doctor’s greatest hits, and much more!   This is the second release for 2023, following on from issue 254 in January, which found us looking into the Ian and Barbara relationship, concluding the Brigadier’s Time War adventures, detailing Australian fandom in the 1980s in a comprehensive timeline, visiting the Doctor’s neighbor at 78 Totters… Continue reading

Data Extract 253 Released Next Week

Data Extract issue 253 launches next week, so make sure your DWCA membership subscription is up to date so you don’t miss out! It features Lethbridge-Stewart in the Time War by Dom Kelly, more adventures with the Doctor’s neighbor at 78 Totters Lane by Roger Reynolds, Countdown by Tim Darby, the latest local group activity from around Australia and a look at how departing Doctors have handled leaving the show, with contributions from Anneke Wills, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Janet Fielding, Nicola Bryant, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Camille Coduri. Plus an in depth timeline feature looking at Doctor Who… Continue reading